The Xiaomi Mi 6X has finally gone worldwide and we have a play date with the general Mi A2. Some colossal shoes it needs to fill - the Mi A1 was such an adjusted yet direct PDA that it would reliably incorporate into our review choices as the key alternative for a broad assortment of contenders. Could the Mi A2 top that?

For one, the present year's chipset is a score (or a couple) up - the Snapdragon 625 in the Mi A1 was about duration, while the Snapdragon 660 in the Mi A2 is correspondingly tightfisted, just perpetually more earth-shattering.

Xiaomi Mi A2 review
Xiaomi Mi A2 review

Discussing scores, there isn't one to demolish the most elevated purpose of the Mi A2's show. It's a contemporary 18:9 unit, the privilege around 6-sneaks in inclining FullHD+ LCD that Xiaomi's starting at now used on a pack of PDAs. In this manner, that is another where A2>A1.

A more noteworthy measure of avoiding than a decisive change is the camera. Gone is the 12MP fax module that offered 2x zoom, substituted by a 20MP assistant camera for upgraded low-light execution (OnePlus-style). The major cam on the back is up 'til now 12MP, yet now gets a 2/3 of a stop brighter point of convergence (f/1.8 versus f/2.2). Over on the front, a 20MP selfie cam (same sensor as the one on the back) replaces the crucial 5MP shooter of the Mi A1 and goes with an extra blast also.

Xiaomi Mi A2 specs 

  • Body: Aluminum body. 
  • Show: 5.99" IPS LCD, 1,080x2,160px assurance, 18:9 perspective extent, 403ppi. 
  • Raise camera: Primary 12MP, Type 1/2.9" sensor, 1.25µm pixel measure, f/1.75 opening, PDAF; Secondary 20MP for low-light, Type 1/2.8" sensor, 1.0µm pixel gauge, f/1.75 hole, self-alter, pixel binning. 2160p/30fps. 
  • Front camera: 20MP, 1.0µm pixel gauge, f/2.2 opening, Auto HDR, pixel binning. 1080p/30fps video recording. 
  • OS: Android 8.1 Oreo (some segment of Android One). 
  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 660: octa-focus CPU (4x2.2 GHz Kryo 260 and 4x1.8 GHz Kryo 260), Adreno 512 GPU. 
  • Memory: 4/6GB of RAM; 32/64/128GB limit; no microSD space. 
  • Battery: 3,000mAh Li-Po (settled); QuickCharge 3.0 brisk charging. 
  • Availability: Dual-SIM; LTE, USB-C; Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ventilating; GPS; Bluetooth 5.0, IR blaster. 
  • Misc: Rear-mounted interesting finger impression peruser; single down-ending speaker; no 3.5mm jack (connector in the container). 

Which passes on us to the movements that can't, for the most part, be deciphered as a change. Xiaomi may require you to assume that the Mi A2 is by and by substantially more direct, in light of the way that there's a 32GB amassing interpretation, and you also get the option for a totally swindled out 6GB/128GB one at a cost premium (the first was simply offered in 4GB/64GB trim). What doesn't make it to the press materials is that the microSD opening is as of now gone. Boo!

Another loss with this age is the 3.5mm headphone jack - and we thought midranges were safe from this spreading pattern. At any rate, there's a connector in the bundle.

Outline and a 360-degree turn 

One of the Xiaomi MI A2 major visual changes (more than one sense) from the past model is the 18:9 show. So Xiaomi is remaining mindful of the tall edge designs without going firm and cutting an indent up top - call us in switch all you require, yet we like it thusly. We're fine with the balanced corners, unexpectedly.

There's nothing in turn around about fitting a forward-looking flash, and that is exactly what you'd find in the Mi A2's best bezel. It's on the benefit of the earpiece, while the bona fide camera is on the gotten out. Another example houses the enveloping light and closeness sensors and paying little respect to whether you can't see it, trust us when we uncover to you that there's a (white-just) status/cautioning LED adjacent to the flash LED.

Scoring centers for symmetry, the base bezel is an unclear size from the best one, notwithstanding the way that there's nothing indisputably accommodating in it (we're sure there's stuff underneath that ought to be there). Discussing bezels, the Mi A2 is indicating change over the Mi A1, expanding the STB extent by about 10%.

The Mi A2 measures 158.7x75.4x7.3mm, which is 3.3mm taller, as thick, and extremely 0.4mm littler than the model it replaces. Furthermore, it has extra screen space - that is the reason we have tall screens.

For examination, the 6-inch Galaxy A6+ (2018) is more prominent toward every way (1.5mm taller, 0.3mm more broad and 0.6mm thicker), anyway it has some extra battery to show up for it (3,500mAh). Not precisely as much as the Nokia 7 notwithstanding (3,800mAh, 8mm), which still makes sense of how to fit in for all intents and purposes a vague impression from the Xiaomi. The Huawei P20 lite, of course, is discernibly more insignificant - a full centimeter shorter, and 4.2mm littler, yet it's squeezing an apparently humbler show made impressively more diminutive by an indent.

The Mi A2 is moreover extremely light, its 166g just a gram more than the Mi A1's. Both the Galaxy A6+ (2018) and the Nokia at least 7 are in the 180s, while the P20 lite is ...well... li(GH)ter at just 145g.

Flipping over to the back, there's a lot of things to see. First up it's the camera in the upper left corner - a twofold module gathering with a twofold LED streak in the center. These segments shape a huge sizeable thump - it's raised by ideal around 2mm (we evaluated 1.8mm, anyway don't go referring to us on it), and it's one of the wobbliest phones we've had around, in the event that you're one to mind.

There's the one of a kind finger impression peruser on the back, on the central center and altogether high up, yet in the meantime in a trademark position to peacefully open with either pointer. It's singular barely recessed, yet there's really nothing to stir up it for, so you can without a lot of a stretch find your way by feel.

Xiaomi Mi A2 review
Xiaomi Mi A2 review

18:9 FullHD+ show, 0.01 shy of 6 inches 

The Mi A2 goes with what's transformed into Xiaomi's most extensively used show course of action, in any occasion looking specs. It's a 5.99-inch IPS LCD board in an 18:9 edge extent with 2160x1080px assurance for a pixel thickness of 403ppi.

In our testing, it put out unforeseen results in contrast with the ones we saw from two (obviously) in like manner arranged contraptions, the Redmi Note 5 AI, and the upmarket Mi Mix 2S. The mid-expand Mi A2 put in the inside to the extent distinction, with a not too bad 1500-ish-to-one, anyway that is, all things considered, by virtue of the simple much controlled significant blacks - the most extraordinary wonder of 420nits is unremarkable. There's no lift when the auto wonder flip is secured.


The Mi A2 has a lone down-ending speaker arranged behind the right grille on the base - there's no stereo action here. Lone it might be, yet solid disorderly it moreover is - the A2 scores an 'Extraordinary' rating, with a bit of the most astonishing readings we've found in the voice some segment of our three-pronged test. It's not amazingly boomy in the low select, yet rather it can fill somewhat live with sound if require be.

Xiaomi Mi A2 battery life 

The Xiaomi Mi A2 is controlled by a 3,000mAh battery, 80mAh not as much as the communicated furthest reaches of the Mi A1's cell. It's a comparable breaking point you'd find in the Huawei P20 lite, while the Moto G6 Plus packs progressively - 3,200mAh. The Nokia at least 7 is limitlessly enhanced arranged - it has a 3,800mAh battery.

Much like its unremarkable battery restrains, the Mi A2's genuine continuation is not all that much. We checked 9 hours level in our video playback test, and 30 minutes a more prominent measure of web scrutinizing over Wi-Fi - not horrendous, completely, yet rather no place close class-driving. The Mi A1 could finish 2 hours more in video playback, and 4 more in web examining. A2>A1 in voice calls, anyway - 22 whole hours for the new model versus 20:11h for the old one.

Xiaomi says the Mi A2 will simply go with QuickCharge 4.0 help in India, and not the straggling leftovers of the world. For sure, even without it, a full blame from level for the bundled 5A/2A charger took 1:55h, which isn't that dreadful. A 30-minute charge left the battery at 35%.

Sound quality 

The Xiaomi Mi A2 had flawless yield with a working outside speaker to the degree clarity is concerned. Its hubbub was underneath typical, be that as it may, so we can't give it full core interests.

Volume isn't any better with headphones, anyway on the positive side corruption is unimportant. The stereo crosstalk just extends a little and there's a hint of intermodulation bowing, anyway, the Mi A2 is decidedly superior to anticipated that with respects would accuracy for this circumstance.

A1 for Android One, A2 - still Android One 

The Xiaomi Mi A1 was the association's first phone to take part in the Android One program, along these lines the name. There's no Android Two, so the Mi A2 sticks to Android One - meaning unadulterated Android inclusion with quick updates when Google's done with them. Without question enough, the Mi A2 we have here is running the latest Android 8.1 Oreo, anyway, it's still on the June 5 security settle for no good reason.

Android as Google arranged shows up when you stir the phone - clock, cautioning cards, two backup ways to go on the base. Remarkable finger impression selection uses the standard Oreo interface. Opening fills in as advanced and is lively and strong. Past that is the standard Android 8 home screen with a draw up application bureau.

The expedient switches and notification shade changes shading depending upon the scenery - white for lighter ones, dull for darker ones. A setting for that is going with Android P, or if nothing else there is one in the beta shape. The endeavor switcher is the common Rolodex and wouldn't it be phenomenal if Google put the 'sensible all' catch on the base as opposed to up top? Anyway, multi-window is maintained locally since Nougat.

As for movements, there's the one - twofold press the power catch to dispatch the camera, if that even thinks about a flag.

As for sight and sound, it's all in the hands of Google and its default applications. Google Photos is responsible for show-related errands and video playback, while Google Play Music is the sound player, and Google's Calendar is the Mi A2's logbook of choice. The default Files record chief with cluster exercises and Google Drive change is accessible, anyway let be straightforward - it's past essential.

No enormous amazement then that Xiaomi's extra its own, with groupings and fancier looks. There's furthermore the Mi Remote application which allows you to use the phone's worked in IR maker to control a wide decision of home machines - Mi TV's fused, regularly. The association's in-house record sharing application Mi Drop is furthermore pre-presented.

Engineered benchmarks 

While the Mi A1 was using a Snapdragon 625 chip which sorted out power efficiency over preeminent execution, for the Mi A2 Xiaomi is using a higher survey 600-game plan SoC. The Snapdragon 660 packs an octa-focus Kryo 260 CPU in a 4x2.2GHz + 4x1.8GHz course of action (8x2.0GHz Cortex-A53 setup in the Mi A1). The Adreno 512 GPU is moreover a phase up from the 506 in the past model. By and by, our overview unit is the 4GB shape, yet a 6GB decision will in like manner be open (with 128GB of limit at that).

We've had the Snapdragon 660 in the working environment on different occasions and you'll find the Meizu 15, Nokia at least 7, and BlackBerry KEY2 in the outlines underneath (notwithstanding a few Oppos). Surely understood chips in this segment consolidate the Snapdragon 636 (Redmi Note 5 Pro and AI) and 630 (Nokia 6.1, Moto G6 Plus and X4, and Xperia XA2 Ultra), while Samsung has the solid Exynos 7885 (Galaxy A8) and the humble 7870 (Galaxy A6) in the midrange. We've hurled Huawei's Kirin 659 and the 970 for examination's motivation, and furthermore a Mediatek Helio P60 (Oppo R15) and the latest Snapdragon to have - the 710 (Mi 8 SE).

In this inquisitively varied swarm, the Mi A2 posts scores towards the most elevated purpose of the pack in single-focus GeekBench, in every way that really matters undefined to the straggling leftovers of its S660 brethren. The Mi 8 SE's S710 has a few the all the more incredible Kryo 360 Gold focuses, and one of those posts perceptibly ideal figures over a Kryo 260 in the A2's S660. By then come the two Helio P60-filled Oppos and the E7885 Galaxy A8 (2018) with their Cortex-A73s, and it's an extensive variety of Cortex-A53-develop chips starting there in light of.

5. Camera 

Xiaomi Mi A2 review
Xiaomi Mi A2 review

2x zoom module presently gone, swapped by a 20MP one for low light 

The Mi A1 went with a 2x12MP camera combo with the two modules' similar focal lengths facilitated to convey 2x zoom - same as the iPhone X and Galaxy S9+. With the Mi A2, regardless, this has changed - the 12MP tele camera has been swapped out for a 20MP discretionary cam for upgraded low-light pictures, the extent that anybody knows.

The crucial cam is particular also, sort of. Everything considered the point of convergence is - the hole is directly f/1.8, giving you a 2.3 of a stop advantage over the Mi A1's f/2.2. Sensor gauge is 1/2.9" and the pixel pitch is 1.25µm. The discretionary module has a 1/2.8" sensor with 1.0µm pixels and a f/1.8 hole point of convergence.

The camera has the modes sorted out one by the other for you to change by swiping left and right. Sadly, swiping up/down doesn't switch among front and back camera - there's a catch for that. There are flips for streak mode, HDR, a plan of channels and a ground sirloin sandwich exchange route to the settings.

A manual mode is accessible to you also, and in here you can change white modify (presets and light temperature), pick a shade speed (1/1000s to 32s) and ISO (100-3200). You can moreover set your own particular focus (in 1-100 'units' between quit for the day perpetuation). You can similarly physically switch between using the 'standard point of convergence's and the 'low light point of convergence'.

Picture quality 

The Mi A2 discovers fulfilling pictures in awesome light, yet we need to point out one characteristic from the get-go - photos taken with HDR enabled are more sharpened than ones without it. The qualification is particularly observable in the foliage and in the spotted case of the blinds. Meanwhile, HDR doesn't do a considerable amount of what it ensures, imperceptibly recovering a segment of the highlights to the hindrance of darker shadows.

We're adoring the shading understanding in the Mi A2's shots - we'd call it basically the ideal measure of extra fly over the real world. Detail is extraordinary (yet again, not in an indistinguishable class from in HDR), and bustle is in every practical sense non-existent. We'd have gotten a kick out of the opportunity to see to some degree broader intense territory, yet what will be will be.


The Mi A2 goes with a 20MP selfie camera with a 1/2.8" sensor, 1.0µm pixels, and a f/2.2 hole point of convergence. There's a forward-looking gleam also. As a rule, it's a significant progress up from the Mi A1's 5MP setup.

With a ton of light to hurl at it, the Mi A2's selfie camera gets extraordinarily low down photos. There's some fuss, which isn't strange from pixels this minor and it's not by any stretch of the creative energy an issue. Tones are wonderful also.

As we've officially experienced with little sensor selfie cams, the one on the Mi A2 has to a great degree limited remarkable range, and in endeavoring to fight that it's very trigger-happy to associate with HDR (Auto is enabled as per normal procedure) and that prompts milder pictures - not an issue in case you don't look at them at 1:1 enhancement.

There's furthermore a photo mode for selfies - we're past the conditions when false bokeh required a conferred significance distinguishing cam. The Mi A2 handles subject separation well and makes inducing establishment cloud.

We said the forward-looking glint, and also similarly as with basically all such utilization, you need to manage your wants. It won't convey sharp and low down results in hard and fast duskiness, anyway will save a shot that you'd for the most part miss completely.

Video recording 

The Mi A2 records video in both 2160p and 1080p, yet exactly at 30fps - there's no 1080p@60fps. There's photo alteration in 1080p, yet not in 2160p, paying little respect to whether the flip for it remains operational in the higher assurance (it does nothing).

4K chronicles have a bitrate of around 42Mbps, while 1080p gets 20Mbps level. The sound is recorded in stereo at 96kbps.

4K accounts are respectable and organized, with no commotion and steady with life shading variant. 1080p is nothing extraordinary - frankly, it's a bit excessively fragile and watercolor-like. The sound is genuinely awful, paying little regard to assurance.


The Mi A2 is a 6-inch with the double camera, Snapdragon 660 and Android One. By and by, that is a totally correct summary of the Nokia at least 7 also. The Nokia's second back cam is an apparently more accommodating fax one, and it's moreover got a microSD opening. Battery life is in like manner dominating on the at least 7. Regardless, the Mi A2's selfies are a touch better, and it's in like manner more sensible off-contract, anyway, the Nokia is probably less requesting to find support.

The Moto G6 Plus is another appropriate choice. You're most likely not going to see the screen is 0.1" tinier, yet you'll esteem its impressively higher sparkle and better light clarity. The G6 Plus is using a less awesome Snapdragon 630 chip, anyway it'll outlast the Mi A2 in a battery challenge with the show on. It's moreover got a memory card space, not in any manner like the Xiaomi handset. The Mi A2's camera yield is to some degree better in all cases.

In case you should be completely educated with respect to current examples, an indented indicate is an undeniable necessity and nothing from what was simply specified has one. The Huawei P20 lite has got you anchored. Mind you, it's a smaller show in a more diminished body, so that could settle it for you in that spot. The P20 lite scores centers for limit improvement, anyway yet again, you'd probably lean toward the Mi A2's photos. The P20 lite doesn't record 4K video, which the Xiaomi does. Moreover, Huawei's 'lite' will take a heavier toll on your wallet.

You could moreover explore the Oppo F7. This present one's show is greater at 6.23 inches, indented also. Expandable limit (gave space, even) and longer battery life are to help its, while the nonattendance of 4K recording and not as much as stellar picture quality hurt its chances to some degree. Goodness and the in-house ColorOS may not be to everyone's taste.


The Mi A1 was a standout amongst the clearest phones to propose a year back - a whole package in a sensible esteem, would you be able to request anything better. It's not too straightforward with the second period.

Two or three the issues you could see instantly from the spec sheet. Xiaomi's hacked off the microSD opening and the 3.5mm jack - how was that a savvy thought on a handset that ought to have a mass-promote offered?

Our testing brought all the all the more disturbing disclosures, nevertheless. The show, for one, didn't get us empowered one piece - FullHD assurance in a tall perspective is charming, yet we like our introductions splendid and usable outside, which the Mi A2's hardly is. Battery life is a perceivable progress by and by from the A1 and more awful than basically any contender.

There are some awesome things to be said concerning the camera, which takes not too bad photos in extraordinary and low light comparative. Taking all things into account, we're feeling the loss of the 2x zoom of the A1. The selfie camera on the A2 is a decisive change, no grumblings there.

The Xiaomi Mi A1 was a stunning impetus in its market parcel, the Mi A2 comes up short. It takes away key features like accumulating expansion and comprehensive headphone arrange, notwithstanding it misses the mark in vital locales like show and battery life. Sensible as it may be, it wouldn't be our default choice in the midrange exceptionally like the A1 was.
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