15 Most Important Keyboard Shortcut Keys Everyone Must Know!

15 Most Important Keyboard Shortcut Keys Everyone Must Know!

15 Most Important Keyboard Shortcut Keys Everyone Must Know!: Today, in this age of the computer, we can do many tasks at home easily and fast. Today computers are used at both home and office, with the help of the internet, we can get entertainment, knowledge and a variety of information just by clicking one click. If you use everyday computers or office computers, you should carefully consider this article today because in this article we are giving you 15 useful keyboard shortcut keys.

As we all know that the keyboard is considered to be a major part of the computer. So if you are a computer user then this shortcut keys can prove to be very useful for you. Using these shortcut keys, you can make your work simple and fast.

Here we are going to tell you about the shortcut keys. You may already know using some shortcut keys. But if you do not know then you must know about these keyboard shortcuts.

CTRL + Z = Undo

If you regularly use a computer, you can sometimes take that step back into a step while editing in a text or software. You can do this easily by pressing the X key on the keyboard with ctrl.

CTRL + X = cut

If you do not copy, copy, or copy any text, image or file etc. You can use ctrl + x keys. We can move and cut the cut file from one place to another at a time. While copying, we can paste any file or text etc many times.

copy paste in computer

In addition to copying any text, file, etc. you can use Ctrl + C keys on the keyboard. And to paste that copied text you press Ctrl + V.

open my computer

As we know my computer is a very useful feature. You can open my computer directly by pressing E with the window button from the keyboard.

open run command

With the help of run command, we can use many features present on the computer. To open the Run command, we have to press R key with the window button. Here we are telling you about some useful features in the computer that we can open with the help of run command.

open control command = control

open calculator = calc

open ms-paint = mspaint

open cmd prompt = cmd

open window media player = wmplayer

Minimize window

Pressing the M key with the keyboard from the keyboard will minimize the window on which you are working, and you will go straight to the desktop.

close program

If you are working on a window or app and you want to close it, you can close an app directly by pressing F4 key with the Alt key from the keyboard.

back & forward arrow's

Just as you click on the arrow key's to move a step forward or backward in an app with the help of a mouse. Similarly, you can use it by pressing the right and left arrow in the keyboard with the alt key.

use home & end key

By pressing the home keys with ctrl from the keyboard, you will reach the top of a document. And at the same time pressing ctrl + end key will reach the lowest document.

ctrl + A

You can use the A key with ctrl to select the entire text in the files, document, or page in a folder.

ctrl + w

To close the current window or a file, you can press W with the Ctrl key from the keyboard.

open file

winword, excel, etc. If we have to open a file while working in an app then you can easily do it by pressing the 'key' with ctrl. With this, you can use the key with ctrl to save a file. .


If you want to reload a page while browsing, you can press F5 key.

ctrl + t

If you want to open a new tab while browsing, you can press T with the Ctrl key.

Alt + Tab

If you want to reach an app directly from an opened app, you can press the tab key with the alt key.

We hope this article for you today will be useful if you have any questions or suggestions related to this article, you can feel free to comment below.
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