Samsung A30 Price and the difference with the Galaxy A50

Samsung A30 Price and the difference with the Galaxy A50 photo
The cheaper price of Samsung A30 is Rp.400 thousand from the Galaxy A50 because it carries a lower specification.

- Samsung A30 and Galaxy A50 have at least two similarities: entering Indonesia at the end of March 2019 and sold at prices starting at $211.89  Beyond that, both have a striking difference in the specifications of the camera, kitchen runway, storage space, and security features.

 The price of Samsung A30, as quoted from the official Samsung website on Tuesday (06/25/2019), is currently on the figure of $240.07 for the 64GB internal variant. This phone is available in Blue, Black, and White color variants.

 While the Galaxy A50 is priced at $268.32 for the 64GB internal variant. The Galaxy A50 also has a 128GB internal variant offered to consumers at a price of $324.82. For color availability similar to the Samsung A30.

With this price information, the price of the Samsung A30 with the Galaxy A50, adrift of Rp.400 thousand, for the 64GB internal variant. Here's the difference between the two, which can explain why the Galaxy A50 is priced more expensive than the Samsung A30.

Samsung did not mention the details of the type of chipset adopted in the two Galaxy A series but only the concept, the octa-core. Galaxy A50 chipset and Samsung A30 are both composed of two clusters. When viewed from two of the clusters, the Galaxy A50 looks rushed because it carries a higher speed, the 2.3GHz quad-core + 1.7GHz quad-core. While the two clusters in the Samsung A30 are only dual-core 1.8GHz + hexa-core 1.6GHz.


Galaxy A50 is superior in RAM + ROM capacity, which is an option between 4GB + 6GB or 64GB + 128GB. Samsung A30 itself also has two choices, but the combination of RAM and ROM is lower, which is 3GB + 4GB or 32GB + 64GB. Even so, both the Galaxy A50 and Samsung A30 both support the microSD slot for maximum expansion of 512GB of storage space. This capacity is sufficiently spacious to accommodate a variety of files including photos, videos, and documents.


The Galaxy A50 is equipped with three rear cameras, each of which has a 25MP, 5MP, and 8MP configuration, while the front camera is 25MP. In the photography sector, the Galaxy A50 is superior to its sibling, with a total of three cameras. Samsung A30 relies on a dual rear camera 16MP and 5MP respectively. The difference with the Galaxy A50, Samsung A30 is not embedded Ultra Wide lens. Regarding the front camera is also below the A50, only 16MP.

Security Features

Although both are equipped with fingerprint biometric sensors, the Galaxy A50 is more modern thanks to the on-screen fingerprint or on-screen fingerprint technology, similar to the flagship Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10 Plus. This technology is also popularly used in high-end smartphones.

While the fingerprint on the Samsung A30 is still conventional with a rounded sensor pinned on the back of the device body. It is located next to the bottom right of the back camera or above the Samsung logo.

Identical Specifications

The Galaxy A50 and Samsung A30 have identical specifications on the front panel, which carries a 6.4-inch FHD + Super AMOLED screen with Infinity-U notch.

Other specifications, these two devices are equally equipped with a large capacity 4,000mAh battery. The design style is also identical, namely 3D Glasstic, including fast charging features, Bixby, Samsung-Pay, and others.

At a price of Rp400 thousand more expensive, the Galaxy A50 offers features that Samsung A30 does not have, one of which is a modern fingerprint sensor located on the screen.

If the funds owned are limited or stuck less than $247, then the Samsung A30 remains a favorite option, which offers several specifications identical to the galaxy A50 including its design

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